We are able to deliver our Washington temporary housing units anywhere in the State of Washington.


Northwest Active Fire Map I would like to see if we are able to show this chart live on our site? if not the link will serve us well.


Natural Hazards

Washington faces nine natural hazards which can cause loss of residence and need for temporary housing rentals:

  • Avalanches – Avalanches have killed more than 190 people in the past century, exceeding deaths from any other natural cause.
  • Drought – In the past century, Washington State has experienced a number of drought episodes, including several that lasted for more than a single season.
  • Earthquake – More than 1,000 earthquakes occur in Washington each year. A dozen or more are felt; occasionally, they cause damage.
  • Flood – Damage from flooding exceeds damage by all other natural hazards in Washington State.
  • Landslide – Landslide is the movement of rock, soil and debris down a hillside or slope. Landslides take lives, destroy homes, businesses, and public buildings, interrupt transportation, undermine bridges, derail train cars, cover clam and oyster beds, and damage utilities.
  • Severe Storm – All areas of Washington State are vulnerable to severe weather. A severe storm is an atmospheric disturbance that results in one or more of the following phenomena: strong winds, large hail, thunderstorm, tornado, rain, snow, or freezing rain.
  • Tsunami – The Pacific Coast, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Puget Sound, and large lakes are at risk from tsunamis, trains of powerful waves that threaten people and property along shorelines.
  • Volcano – Washington has five major volcanoes – Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams. The risk posed by volcanic activity is not always apparent, as volcanoes can lie dormant for centuries between eruptions.
  • Wildland Fire – Short-term loss caused by wildland fire can include the destruction of timber, wildlife habitat, scenic vistas, and watersheds, and increase vulnerability to flooding . Long-term effects include smaller timber harvests, reduced access to affected recreational areas, and destruction of cultural and economic resources and community infrastructure.


Though there are many types of natural disasters that can take place in Washington the natural beauty and the folks themselves make it sure worth living there. We realize that when at all possible people want to stay on their own property to oversee the reconstruction or take care of pets or even take care of livestock. We also realize that it is important to feel that you have a place to feel at peace at. Washington temporary housing units provide that. Washington temporary housing units provide you the opportunity for freedom and choice. We can deliver Washington temporary housing units anywhere in the state of Washington you need. They can sleep up to 8 but we can also deliver more units than just one this way your needs are met.


We are able to work with any insurance company (and have worked with many many) or their adjusters or agents. We understand the system and what needs to take place to get you a unit as soon as is possible. When we deliver a Washington temporary housing unit we walk you through everything so that you are comfortable using the unit and we are available by phone so that if you have questions you are able to get help. Please give us a call and see how we are able to take some of the burden off of your shoulders.