Corporate needs are great and varied. When it comes to corporate mobile offices we are leaders in understanding the unique needs of an office on wheels. We get the modern era with wifi, networking and so forth. We are able to provide corporate mobile offices that are set up and ready to use so that you can get straight to work. We can even provide network professionals to help you setup your network for the most ease of use possible.

Our corporate mobile offices are motorized and we are able to deliver wherever you want them or you can pick them up yourself. You will have kitchens, bathrooms, couches, tables and so forth. We believe strongly that corporate mobile offices need to have amenities that will accommodate you where you are since often corporate mobile offices are used in areas where many amenities are not available. Our corporate mobile offices will come with full kitchens including microwaves, refrigerators, stove and ovens and so on. You are able to store an ample supply of water, snacks and even lunch supplies.

We realize that often when you have to be onsite (especially in rural areas) you do not have access to many things you may want so our corporate mobile office units have ample storage for supplies, food and people. We have multiple units available so that you needs are satisfied and there are discounts when you rent multiple corporate mobile office units at one time.

All the amenities are great but useless if they do not work. We guarantee everything to work. We understand that when something does not work right that hinders you in getting your work done and may actually stop your ability to do so. We have a network of techs who are available on call all across the US who are able to work on units in most locations. Sometimes deep rural areas it will take a bit longer to get someone to you.