Imagine game day, great food, great drink, great music, pregame show, private indoor bathroom, small kitchen with fridge (keeps beer cold), heat and much more. Imagine a luxury RV for your Seattle Seahawks Tailgate party.

Imagine the food catered and ready to go. The game on a large screen TV and beer. Imagine 20 of your closest friends or even 50 with TWO or THREE great RV’s for people to go back and forth in a parking lot everything you need. One epic Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Party.


Do you have tickets to the game? Do you have a spot for your Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Party? If you do not have that spot we have options. Our RV’s would be the perfect piece to bring it all together. In fact you know how your wife (girlfriend) complains about the cold we have Heat and you will not need a porta potty.

Do not have tickets to the game? That is alright find a great place to hold your Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Party and we will bring and set up our luxury RV’s for you and throw your party there. 2015-11-15 15.17.48In fact we have satellite TV and assuming the game is not blacked out you can watch it right there. No one says you have to have your tailgate by the stadium if you do not have tickets be anywhere you want and throw that epic Seattle Seahawks Tailgating bash.


Now imagine three years later, and you and your friends are all sitting around having a drink and reminiscing and they all remember that epic Seattle Seahawks Tailgate party you threw how everyone had a great time, even your wife (who hates the cold and rain). THIS is what we offer!! It ain’t cheap but in the end it is worth it.


You get our RV (any number you want) and we have folks set it up, tear it down and if you get more than one RV we have someone who can stay and manage the entire process from beginning to end. You get an epic catering experience and so much more such as a large screen TV (with all the satellite sporting channels), tents for being outside, tables and more.


When you think of your next Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Party think RV Rentals Seattle and make it an epic Seattle Seahawks Tailgate party.