RV rentals are a fun way to enjoy a good vacation. Whether you want to take a road trip or camp just an hour or two from home. RV Rentals are a great way to do that. The questions is where to start? What kind of RV do you want? What do you need so you can use the RV? Do I have to have a special license? these and many more a great questions.


The simple answers to start with are best. RV Rentals are actually easy to drive and you are in no need of a special license to drive them. You will need kitchen supplies, linen supplies, anything you will wanting to use. The RV’s come bare though much of what you will be wanting is available for rent.


When it comes to determining what kind of RV to rent, for your RV Rentals vacation, a number of factors come into play. First where are you going? some places have size restrictions. The standard motorized RV will range from 22’ to 40’ in most rental fleets. The standard towable RV will range from 15’ to 35’ in rental fleets. After you know the sizes that are allowed then you will want to know how many will be sleeping in it. This will help to direct you to the proper unit. If you want to sleep 4 you may want to think about something about 26’ on up even though a smaller one can do that it does get cramped. Other things to think on are do you want luxury? Standard? or Economy units? This will also make a difference.


As you decide these things it is always great to talk to one of our Rental Agents they know a lot about this and they are able to help you make great decisions. RV Rental vacations can be a lot of fun and with a little planning and our help you can really make the most of you family vacations.