Oregon Eclipse 2017
LocationJefferson County Fairgrounds
430 SQ Fairgrounds Rd
Madras, OR97741
Starting onAugust 17, 2017
Ending onAugust 23, 2017

2017 Total Eclipse in Oregon. In fact it will go coast to coast as the Earth rotates around the sun. Though there are only a few places in the US where you will be able to see the Total Eclipse with an almost guaranteed no clouds (this way you won’t miss it) One of those places is in Oregon.

The last time there was an eclipse of this nature was 1918 so you do not want to put off seeing this great event and also planning to have as much fun as you can in doing so. The 2017 Total Eclipse in Oregon will definitely be something you will be talking about with your friends when you are old sitting around a campfire in the desert relaxing. 2017 Total Eclipse is a life time story and we want to be a part of that story for you.

You won’t go wrong renting an RV from us and traveling to Oregon to see one of the greatest Natural Phenomenon in our lifetime the 2017 Total Eclipse. In fact this is become such a big event most hotels in the best areas are already sold out and I would act fast before the RV’s are gone as well. Our RV’s have generators, bathrooms, kitchens and beds. You can even sleep up to 10 people.

There are festivals being built all around this event and I am sure there are smaller groups getting together as well.

You may want to check these two places out for the 2017 Total Eclipse Festivals:



Call today for further information on how we are able to help you experience the 2017 Total Eclipse in comfort. You can contact us directly at 206.209.2249 or check our our RV’s at AdventureOnEarth.com You won’t be unhappy with your choices and if you are flying in to the Great Northwest the just let us know and we do offer FREE airport pick up twice a day.