Mobile Bridal Suites are a great way to provide a much need place for those outdoor wedding locations. All mobile bridal suites come with bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and elbow rooms. We have mobile bridal suites for all budgets starting with our economy line and going to our luxury lines.

Mobile Bridal Suites are self contained so they also have their own power source. This way if you need extra power the onboard generators will help to provide that power. Most Mobile Bridal Suites are easy to maneuver so if throughout the day you need them to change locations that is easy to do. We are able to deliver the Mobile Bridal Suites to almost anywhere so please ask us if you destination is available for one of our Mobile Bridal Suites.

We are also able to provide an attendant for our Mobile Bridal Suites upon request.

I am sure you will have questions about our Mobile Bridal Suites so please feel free to call and ask. We are more than happy to help.