Round Trip

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The Oregon Vortex will be both one of the coolest and one of the strangest places you will see on your trip.

This is how they describe and I could not do it any better nor any truer:

The Oregon Vortex is a glimpse of a strange world where the improbable is the commonplace and everyday physical facts are reversed. It is an area of naturally occurring visual and perceptual phenomena, which can be captured on film. No matter your education or profession you will find a challenge to all your accepted theories. Use the menu to the left to discover more.(credit the website of The Oregon Vortex)

Even though it is a detour from your route I guarantee you will be happy. Your kids will go back to school and be able to share about something most people do not even know about. I did this when I was young and my teacher did not believe me but had to look it up (the old fashion way) at the library (pre internet of course). This will give your family stories to tell and adventures to have.

The Oregon Vortex will definitely not disappoint but at the same time a RV Rentals are welcome there and there is plenty of room to drive up and turn around. They have a paved road to make it easier for you. The good thing about having your RV at The Oregon Vortex is you can use it for bathroom breaks and lunch or even to just take a quick afternoon nap.

This little Adventure will be something to remember for years to come make sure you take time to stop by The Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill Oregon.