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Vacations aren’t just for mom and dad! Kids love to have adventures of their own. If you’re looking for a safe way for your kids to have some independent fun, and for you to have some alone time, check out Soar Adventure Tower Summer Camp and RV Rentals Nashville!

Soar Adventure Tower Summer Camp is a perfect way for the kids to have fun on their own, but still be supervised and safe. This four hour day camp is offered to kids 7 and up. They get a chance to climb, swing, and soar! All of the kids are split up into different groups in order to ensure that no one is stretched too far. They will all be supervised and have a lunch period. You can either pay an extra fee and have lunch provided or you can bring your own. This independent event will give you some extra time to relax on your own, but the kids will think it’s all for them.

When you’re signing your kid up for Soar Adventure Tower Summer Camp there are a few things you should remember. All kids must have a signed waiver in order to participate. Also, make sure to bring any medications that your child may need. Kids must also be wearing appropriate climbing attire, AKA closed toed shoes. Making sure that all of your ducks are in order before you go will give you the best experience possible.

Going on a family vacation can be a lot of fun, but it can be stressful too. Let RV Rentals Nashville ease the stress. Having an RV rental for your vacation is perfect for families. Not only does an RV rental give you more leg room while you’re driving around, it’s perfectly suited for families in a lot of ways! It’s not hard to forget something while you’re on the run with your herd, but having your RV rental nearby makes it easy to fix. Walked out without your closed toed shoes? The RV is in the parking lot, just run out and grab a pair! Renting with RV Rentals Nashville gives you the ability to take your vacation at your own pace and enjoy yourself!

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