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Purple, blue, and red lights dance across the cave walls to light your way through the dark. The roar of water slowly builds as you inch closer and closer to your destination. Over a thousand feet below the surface of the earth, lays an almost missed world of wonder. Ruby Falls is a 145 foot long waterfall located deep within Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A trip to Lookout Mountain and Ruby Falls is the perfect adventure for your family and your rental RV.

Fly into Nashville, Tennessee to pick up your motorhome rental from RV Rental Nashville. Your very own personal check out attendant will walk you through the ins and outs of your specific RV before you hit the road. If you forget something, RV Rental Nashville is only a phone call away.

The short two hour drive from Nashville to Chattanooga, Tennessee will leave you lots of time to explore.

Ruby Falls has three different touring options. You could do the general tour, which will be a straight tour to the waterfall and back. Different features of the cave will be pointed out by the tour guide, but they won’t be able to stop and go into great detail.

The second tour option is the lantern tour. This is a limited availability tour that highlights the cave and the falls. The unique feature about this option? The only light within the cave come from lanterns guiding you through the dark.

The third and final option is the Extended Cavern Experience. This tour will give you copious amounts of time to see the details of the cave, while leaving time for all of your family selfies.

Here at RV Rental Nashville, we like to recommend the lantern tour. The unique take on the falls will have you looking at the cascading water in a whole new light. Plus the lanterns are pretty fun to carry around.

After climbing through the underground world that is Ruby Falls, get some fresh air above the surface with Zip Stream Aerial Adventure. This fun adventure park has obstacles in the tree’s. Climb over robe bridges or speed through on a zip line.

Exploring Ruby Falls with RV Rental Nashville is the perfect chance to spend quality time with your family while exploring some of the wonders of the south.


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