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Under the sidewalks and city streets of Louisville lives a city of it’s own: the Mega Cavern. The Mega Cavern is a man-made cavern under the city of Louisville. Over the decades this habitat has been home to many different uses, but now a days it’s used for fun! The Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky is the perfect trip for your next family vacation. Ride BMX dirt bikes through tracks, zoom through the air on an underground zipline, or go on a tour and learn all about the history and sights of the cavern itself. RV Rentals Nashville is the perfect companion to your trip to Louisville and the Mega Cavern.

RV Rentals Nashville is only two-and-a-half-hours away from Louisville, making it a great short road trip. Fly into Nashville, Tennessee and explore Music City! This historical city knows how to have some fun. Whether it’s you and some buddies, a couple’s get away, or the whole family, Nashville has something to offer everyone. Stop by the lot to pick up your unit. Once you arrive at RV Rentals Nashville we will walk you through your specific rental, making sure you know how to use it and feel comfortable. There’s no need to have previous experience using RV’s or trailers. We will make you an honorary RV expert before sending you out to explore and don’t forget to ask our check-out attendants for the inside scoop on Nashville!

There are two different ways to take a tour of the Mega Caverns: Tram ride or electrical bikes. The Mega E-Bikes tour is the only way to see the entire cavern. This tour is about an hour and a half and will take you through every nook and cranny available to the public, including a “moment of complete darkness”. This tour is perfect for those that love bikes, don’t mind a little dirt, and want to really get into the ins and outs of the cavern. Insider Tip: To be prepared for this tour make sure to wear closed toe shoes. Also, all participants must be at least 12 years of age and 5ft 2 inches in height.

The second way to explore the cave is by Tram. The Tram is open to everyone, but is particularly well suited for families. There’s no walking involved, so it’s great for handicapped as well. This tour will take a deeper look into the history of the cavern, which is a man-made cave. You’ll see the worm recycling room, learn about the caverns official storm dog, a bit of history of the cavern, and hear all about the official pigeon eating hawk. Either tour will be sure to fascinate people of all ages.

The Mega Caverns also features the “world’s only fully underground zipline course”. This two-and-a-half-hour obstacle guide will have you zipping all over the cave! In total there are six ziplines and two obstacle bridges. You can even challenge someone to a race on one of the ziplines. This will be the event your kids are begging to go on, we promise!

One of the best parts of riding a bike is kicking up some dirt, right? Well there’s no better place to do so than Mega Caverns: Mega Bikes! Race over 320,000 square feet of dirt. With “45 trails, jump lines, pump tracks, dual salom, BMX, Cross Country and Single Track” you’ll have to drag your kids out and maybe your husband too!

If you’re going around the Holiday Season, check out Lights Under Louisville. This once a year event turns the cavern into a magical underground lighthouse. You’ll drive through in your car, allowing the kids to get nice and cozy, before being awed by the many colors.

The Mega Caverns is a fun way to spend the day. Take a break from living on the surface and see what kind of fun happens below ground. RV Rentals Nashville will give you a fun and easy way to get to Louisville, while still giving you a great place to stay.


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