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Kentucky Kingdom is a 63-acre theme park located in Louisville, Kentucky. The park is split into two main features: Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay. Kentucky Kingdom is the dry land of the theme park. Fly through the air on death defying roller coasters, drive bumper cars, ride the Ferris wheel, and so much more! Check out our full, in detail write up of Kentucky Kingdom here. The second part of the park is Hurricane Bay. You may have been able to guess from the title, but Hurricane Bay is a water park. Float lazily down Castaway Creek, ride the waves in the Big Surf, or take the Deep Water Dive and fly through the water at lightning speed! Check out our full review of Hurricane Bay here. Take a trip to Kentucky Kingdom with RV Rentals Nashville! Our RV and trailer rentals will make it easy for you to enjoy the fun and thrill of the park with all the comforts of home.

There are a lot of different options for buying tickets to Kentucky Kingdom. There’s general admission, child admission (for children under 48 inches), military/first responder admission, senior admission, fun club company discount tickets, and out of state admission. Of course, there’s also season passes. Make sure to check out the different discounts and make sure that you’re utilizing your situation to get the best price possible!

The Kentucky Kingdom website has a printable map of the park. This makes it a breeze to plan out where you want to go first. It also is a great way to choose a meeting spot if you have kids old enough to roam on their own. However, we at RV Rentals Nashville think that the online tour is the best way to get a feel for the park. Kentucky Kingdom boasts of an online walk through of the park. With a click of the button you can walk through the pathways of the park as if you were actually there. If you’re trying to hype up your kids before you go, this is the way to do so!

The Kentucky Kingdom Theme Park has a lot of different options when it comes to food. Each park has it’s own set of restaurants to ensure that there’s food readily available no matter where you are in the park. Hurricane Bay focuses mostly on burgers and tacos. Kentucky Kingdom features pizza and burgers. The park doesn’t allow outside food, but you can go back out to your RV and eat in your own kitchen! Get your hand stamped on your way out and you’re set! (Kentucky Kingdom does allow baby food and formula to be brought into the park.) Insider Tip: If you’re going for several days or a whole season, it will be worth the money to purchase an annual refill sports bottle. They are a bit more expensive than a regular drink, but you’ll get $1 refills for the rest of the year. If you’re an avid goer this is a great way to save some series money and stay hydrated all day long!

Louisville, Kentucky is only a short two-and-a-half-hour drive from Nashville, Tennessee (the home of RV Rentals Nashville). But if you’re looking to break up the drive, stop by Cave City, Kentucky. This tiny town is right in the middle of your drive and has some pretty fantastic tourist points. Check out the Diamond Caverns, Mammoth Cave National Park, or Dinosaur World Kentucky! These fun activities will give you a chance to stretch your legs and see some exciting new sites before letting loose at Kentucky Kingdom.

RV Rentals Nashville will make your trip easy and fun. When you arrive on our lot you will be greeted by a personal check-out attendant. They will walk you through your individual rental and make sure you comfortable before you leave. Don’t worry about having prior RV or trailer experience. Some of our rentals are small enough to drive like a large van! No matter the size of your rental, RV Rentals Nashville will make you an honorary RV expert before you take off to Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky Kingdom is a great way to get the whole family together for some fun that everyone will enjoy. RV Rentals Nashville will give you the opportunity to bond with your family and make unforgettable memories in Louisville, Kentucky!

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