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The Kentucky Kingdom Theme Park is a 63-acre park split into two main sections: Kentucky Kingdom (dryland park) and Hurricane Bay (water park). You can read a general overview of the park here and an in detail break down of Hurricane Bay here. The Kentucky Kingdom has all of the classic rides that you would want at a theme park. You can take a leisure ride on the Ferris wheel or see who wins at Bumper Cars. The whole family can go for a ride on the Carousel: Bella Musica. There’s rides for everyone at the Kentucky Kingdom. Renting with RV Rentals Nashville will give you an unforgettable experience at The Kentucky Kingdom.

For the thrill seekers out there, here is a list of the most intense rides at the theme park. The Eye of the Storm is a continuous loop roller coaster. The Fearfall is a straight up drop from up above the theme park. The Cyclos is a similar idea, but upside-down. For the traditional roller coaster there is the Lightning Run, Thunder Run, T3, and Storm Chaser. The Raging Rapids River Ride is very similar to the Grizzly River Run at Disneyland. The Scream Xtreme is a Ferris wheel on steroids. The Skycatcher is a chance to swing into the skies. This ride lets you swing at 130 feet above the theme park. Lastly the Mile-High Falls is a water ride that dives you off of lift at almost 90 feet tall; no one walks away dry from this splash ride. Your dare devil will be itching for the chance to be able to say they’ve survived the most extreme rides at the Kentucky Kingdom.

For those that aren’t quite ready for the big rise, there’s King Louie’s Playland! This fun section of the theme park is made special for those who are a little bit little, but still like to have fun. Twirl around in giant tea cups, grow some butterfly wings and flutter through the air, or even drive their very own monster truck! (With the option of Mom or Dad following along, of course.) This playland is packed filled with fun that everyone will enjoy.

What’s a 5-D Cinema you ask? It’s like 3D more inclusive. Sit and watch as your entire body feels incorporated into the movie. Don’t just see the actors fly, feel them fly through the air. As of 2018 there will be two 5-D movies available for your entertainment. Watch and ride either the Journey 2 The Mysterious Island or Happy Family the Ride. Both of these will fully incorporate your body and your family into the fun.

When you’re getting hungry there are a few different options. Throughout the dry lands of Kentucky Kingdom there are several different food shacks. Some sell burgers, pizza, and a couple other typical theme park foods. Outside food and drink is not allowed in the park (read more about that on our overview of the entire Kentucky Kingdom Theme Park), but you can leave the park to eat. This is where you’ll be glad you have an RV. Simply grab a stamp on the hand before exiting and you can hang out in your RV for lunch. Save money on the overpriced carnival food and eat a home cooked meal instead. It’s a great way to save money and eat a little bit healthier.

Staying with RV Rentals Nashville will give you the chance to fully enjoy your experience at the Kentucky Kingdom theme park. Upon arrival at our site in Nashville, Tennessee you will be greeted by a personal check-out attendant. They will walk you through your individual rental, making it easy to understand how to use it. No prior RV or trailer experience is necessary. Some of our smaller units even drive like a large van! We at RV Rentals Nashville always suggest that you take an extra half-a-day or an entire day to scope out Music City before hitting the road. This world-famous hub for Country Music is a one of a kind attraction of its own. See the sights, listen to some great live music, and maybe even meet the next star of Country Music.

Driving to Louisville from Nashville is a short two-and-a-half-hour drive. This means that there’s not too much waiting for the kids. And trust us, two-and-a-half-ours in an RV feels different than in a car. No more being squished together in a row. The kids can span out over the unit. Many RV’s feature seatbelts in several different spots throughout the unit, including the dining room table. Play a game of cards or watch a movie and relax.

Kentucky Kingdom is a great chance to get out and about with the kids. Explore new places and find an adventure. Be daring and chase the thrill of childhood. RV Rentals Nashville is your perfect companion on your next family quest.


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