Round Trip

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Dollywood is the South’s Disneyland. This theme park was made famous by Dolly Parton, the world-renowned country singer, and it does not disappoint. Fly into Nashville, Tennessee and grab your motorhome rental from RV Rental Nashville, to begin your families journey towards thrill seeking fun you’ll remember forever. You will have your own personal check-out attendant to make sure that you are comfortable and ready to go when you drive off of the lot.

Take an adventure while on your way. Dollywood is located right next to a national treasure, The Smoky Mountains. Your motorhome rental from RV Rental Nashville will already be close by, with Dollywood only being 20 minutes away. So go ahead and explore! The Smoky mountains are home to black bears, fire flies, foxes, wolves and more. Make sure not to leave any food lying about in order to stay safe, but don’t be afraid to revel in the amazing wildlife variety!

Once you reach Dollywood get ready for some fun! Dollywood features two theme parks. One filled to the brim with water rides, slides, and pools to float in. Shoot down water powered slides while clinging to your inner tube or relax and float down lazy river. The other park is filled with roller coasters, drop lines and even some rides for the little ones. Dry off and change in your motorhome rental before heading back for dinner.

Not unlike Dolly Parton herself, the theme park is known for it’s world class entertainment. There are many different restaurants spread out throughout the two parks. Pick from food like cinnamon bread, kettle corn, funnel cakes, southern bbq and more. You’ll be fighting over which restaurant to try out next. Here at RV Rental Nashville, we recommend feeding your starving appetite with a side dish of entertainment. Dollywood is known for it’s world class dinner shows. Watch the Dixie Stampede, featuring horses, rings of fire and much more. Or watch the Smoky Mountain Adventures and live through the life of Dolly Parton.

On your ride back to Nashville, Tennessee, don’t worry about the tuckered out little ones. Your motorhome rental from RV Rental Nashville has plenty of room for a sleepy peaceful ride back home.

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