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The Cades Cove is the most popular single attraction within the Smoky Mountains. This attraction is surrounded by an 11-mile drivable loop known as “Cades Cove Loop”. The clearing itself is home to enticing attractions such as historic landmarks and beautiful scenery. Cades Cove is a natural clearing within the Smoky Mountains and because of it’s unique accessibility, had become a popular sight for photo shoots, including wedding photos. RV Rental Nashville will take you through the forest and into Cades Cove with your RV rental.

Nashville, Tennessee is a four hour drive from the Smoky Mountains. Flying into BNA, the Nashville International Airport, gives you quick and easy access to RV Rental Nashville. Once on sight, you will be greeted by your very own personal check out attendant, who will walk you through your specific rv rental. No prior RV experience is necessary.

Cades Coves has many different attractions, but one of the main ones is the historical piece. Due to the flat landscape, Cades Cove has attracted different inhabitants throughout the centuries. The clearing was settled by Europeans in the 1800’s and many of their buildings are still standing today. Go and see several different churches, a mill, houses, barns, and more. Walking around the historical buildings is like walking back in time. Experience the Smoky Mountains as those who very first settled it would have.

Because of the open space, many different animals are drawn to Cades Cove. One could quite possibly see deer, turkeys, black bears, coyotes and more. Wild horses can also be seen running around. We at RV Rental Nashville would like to remind you that these are wild animals. Although they may seem friendly, it is safest not to approach any wild animal. Observe from a safe distance and zoom in for a close up, rather than scooting in.

The Smoky Mountains is always a great destination for your next family vacation and Cades Cove will be waiting for you!     


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