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Sparta, Tennessee is known for it’s natural beauty. Boasting of several different state parks, this city has a lot to offer. With Fall Creek Falls State Park just a bit away, it can be easy to forget about the Burgess Falls. We at RV Rental Nashville, are here to remind you.

Fly into the Nashville International Airport and swing on by RV Rental Nashville. A personal check-out attendant will greet you and help you go over your rental. No previous RV or trailer experience needed. RV Rental Nashville will make you an honorary RV pro before you go. Once you’re all packed in and set, you’ll be free to start your journey to Sparta, Tennessee.

The Burgess Falls in Sparta, Tennessee is a family friendly vacation spot. Take the kids on nature hikes before going to see the falls themselves. This forest is known for having a diverse plant life that attracts large variances in butterfly species. Once a year, the park hosts a Butterfly Garden Celebration. Park staff members will teach you and your family how to identify different species of butterflies, along with several other events.

Once you’ve gone through the forest, you’ll be dying to get to the falls. The Burgess Falls are an amazing 250 feet drop down into the plunge pool below. Unlike some of the smaller waterfalls in the area, Burgess Falls has large volumes of water to fill out the drop off. This majestic scene will have you and your family in awe.

During the summer, the Burgess Falls is a popular swimming spot. RV Rental Nashville doesn’t suggest climbing up any rocks, but the waterfalls plunge pool is a great place to cool off! Insider Tip: If you’re going for a swim, check out the Tennessee State Park website first. Once in awhile the stairs down to the main falls is closed due to weather or other circumstances, but updates will be posted to the official websites.

RV Rental Nashville will take you on an unforgettable adventure to Burgess Falls. Pack your swimsuits, hiking boots, and your fishing gear up in your rental and be on your way to one of the most memorable falls in Tennessee.


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