Round Trip

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Not surprisingly there are many different hiking opportunities at the Big South Fork. The beautiful landscape and wildlife viewing opportunities attract visitor from all over the world. This is a fun activity you can do by yourself, with friends, or even with the whole family. Hiking can often be a therapeutic activity for many people. The Big South Fork gives out plenty of opportunities to find your moment of peace in the wilderness. Dive into your next hiking adventure with your caravan rental the Big South Fork!

There are trails for adventurers of every skill level. Some popular beginner hikes are Bandy Creek Loop, Angel Falls Rapids, and Oscar Blevins Farm Loop. These hikes will only take you around an hour two and are great for beginners or parents with small children. If you’re looking to step up your game a bit you can try some moderate hikes. Popular ones include Angel Falls Overlook, Slave Falls Loop Trail, Grand Gap Loop, and more. If you’re really looking to get out into the wild try out some of the more difficult trails. Charit Creek Trail may only be 2.8 miles, but you’ll have some adventures on this hike. You even get to cross over a swinging bridge! There are hikes for everyone at the Big South Fork.

A caravan rental can transform your vacation to the Big South Fork. Imagine spending all day out in the wilderness. Surrounded by trees, flowers, streams, and rivers. You’ll be making memories to last a lifetime. At the end of the day, you can relax in your caravan rental. Caravan rentals afford you all of the comforts of being at home, without taking away from the outdoor aspect of camping. Sleep in a comfortable bed and have a kitchen to cook in. A caravan rental makes your vacation a breeze. Enjoy yourself on those long hikes throughout the Big South Fork and know that your caravan rental is waiting for you.

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