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The Big South Fork covers a lot of land. So it comes as no surprise that this land also happens to be a large draw for Astronomers! Come and see the night sky as never before. Unfiltered from city lights and waiting for your eyes. This is a truly magical experience. You and your camping car rental will love gazing up at the night sky.

The night sky viewing in Big South Fork isn’t just for personal views. There are several outings and viewings put on by the University of Tennessee and the National Park Services. Take a chance to watch the night sky led by professionals and get a real idea of what you’re looking at. Check the National Park website to find out if there’s a viewing going on during your visit! If you’re lucky enough to attend one of these viewings, it’s a great idea to bring along something to sit in. You may even want to bring a blanket to cozy up in. The temperatures could get a little chilly depending on the time of year.

Having a camper car rental will give you all of the fun of camping, with all the ease of a hotel. You won’t have to worry about a long drive back to the hotel, or even a long hike back to your tent, after you’re done night sky viewing you can simply go back to your camper car rental. Camper car rentals also have kitchens, which will cut down on your food cost. A camper car will give you the chance to view the night sky in all of its glory without the worry of long travels. It gives you the best vacation possible with ease. You’ll never forget your time staring up at the night sky at the Big South Fork with your camper car rental!

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