Round Trip

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The Adventure Science Center will take you into the beyond in Space Chase! Adventure into outer space and learn how the astronauts do daily tasks such as walking. You’ll also be able to see the universe like you never have before. RV Rentals Nashville is the perfect accommodation for your trip to the Adventure Science Center and galaxies far beyond that too!

At Space Chase you’ll be able to walk amongst the stars. The Star Walk will take you into a pitch-black room and show you the true darkness of space. In that darkness you’ll experience the stars like never before.

Space Chase will also take you to the moon! Do the Moonwalk from 10am-4:30pm Saturday-Thursday, or from 11am- 4:30pm on Friday. In the Moonwalk you will be hooked up in a harness that will allow you to walk as if you were only experiencing 1/6th of Earth's gravitational pull! This fun filled activity will give you the chance to really walk like the astronauts.

Don’t worry about chasing your way to the best hotel, RV Rentals Nashville has you covered. Our RV and trailer rentals are perfect for your family trip to Nashville. Having an RV or trailer will put your mind at ease. Always have your luggage close by. Whether one of the kids has an accident, or you need a quiet place for the little one to take a nap, having an RV rental allows you to take your vacation at your own pace. RV Rentals Nashville welcomes new renters and those with RV experience. When you arrive on the lot, we will walk you through your individual rental. Our check out process is unlike any other rental business around. We make sure you feel comfortable before sending you out to explore. The Adventure Science Center is perfect for your family trip to Nashville, Tennessee with RV Rentals Nashville.

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