Round Trip

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The Adventure Science Center is a perfect destination for your trip with RV Rentals Nashville. This fun-filled journey will take you down a path of wonder and learning. You’ll especially love checking out the Body Quest section of the Adventure Science Center.

Body Quest turns you inside out! Explore the insides of our bodies and see how our amazing bodies work. Witness first hand how the insides of our bodies move and groove. Enter a medic center and become a doctor! You’ll get to wear a lab coat and everything. While you’re looking around take the time to watch The Heart of it All. The Heart of it All is a ten-foot-tall beating heart! Watch how blood and electricity flows throughout the giant sized heart. Keep an eye on it though, because sometimes hearts don’t work exactly as they should.

The Big Catch is a team building event. A group of people must maneuver a giant robotic hand to catch a baseball. It may seem easy, but a lot more goes into moving joints than one would expect. Once you’ve caught the ball, try out the Down the Hatch exhibit. This exhibit is especially fun for older kids. Shoot food down a giant mouth and watch how the body processes it. This will definitely be a crowd favorite. The Adventure Science Center has something for everyone!

RV Rentals Nashville is a great way to get out and explore both the Adventure Science Center and Nashville, Tennessee. Having and RV or trailer rental will give you freedom. Having kids on vacation can be tricky, but not with RV Rentals Nashville. Don’t worry about packing all of their spare clothes and add ons, leave them in the RV. Having your rental parked close by ensures you have everything you need, without breaking your back. If you don’t have previous experience with trailers or RV’s, there’s no need to stress. When you arrive on the lot, a check out attendant will walk you through your individual rental. You won’t leave until you feel comfortable with your knowledge. And remember, we’re only a phone call away if you have questions. RV Rentals Nashville is the perfect pair to your family vacation in Nashville, Tennessee.

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