Burning Man is a great event that thousands of people go to each year. Washingtonians have been going since the beginning and we (at RV Rentals Seattle) have been providing RV rentals for Burning Man for a while now. Having an RV at Burning Man is a great way to experience the festivities and escape the heat of the desert now and then. Our air conditioned units with full bathrooms and full kitchen setups are the best way to have a very enjoyable experience while you travel to, stay at and travel home from your Burning Man experience.


Burning Man is in Nevada about 750 miles from our location. We are located in Kent, Washington not to far from the Seatac airport. If you are going to be flying in to our area we offer free airport pick up and then drop off once you have returned with your RV


Burning Man is around a 10 day experience. You will be dry camping meaning no water or sewer to hook up to. Burning Man has water trucks and sewage trucks. Burning Man is very dusty (alkali ) but if handled properly a RV Rental is a great way to make this experience unforgettable. Burning Man once your RV is their you can’t leave with it and come back. So plan ahead bring plenty of food and drink. This is one of the advantages of having an RV for Burning Man is the extra storage so you can bring everything you need.


Burning does have a couple of extra fees due to the alkali. We will usually have a Burning Man fee (non refundable). That being said our standard cleaning deposit is refundable based on how much of the cleaning you got done.


Burning Man is one of those unique cultural events that has come naturally in our society and thousands now enjoy. Please feel free to call us and see how we can help you enjoy your trip to Burning Man.