Lately we have seen lots of people privately renting their RV’s out of their driveways. This sounds like a good idea. You can own an RV and even make money while you are not using it. This is all true but the dirty little secret is simple. Keeping an RV up while in rental is not an easy task. If you think it is then you will find out soon enough that is not true. Unlike houses and cabins RV’s move. They are a house on wheels and they move a lot if you are renting them. This means you need someone who actually knows how to maintain these RV’s properly and not use duct tape to keep it together.

It would be hard for me to say how often I have seen home remedies (over many years) where someone used a coat hanger, duct tape (not where it is meant to be used) and zip ties to rig something up to keep things going. The problem is nothing is really fixed it is only held together till it can not be held together any longer.


This is only one problem someone who is privately renting their RV has. There are many others such as what to do with the midnight calls and someone can’t figure out why their heat does not work and they are online skewering you because you have not answered their call or responded with a response they like.


There are problems for the customer as well. What do you do if the RV breaks down? Who do you go after when your RV is not ready and you flew your family somewhere and you now have nothing? You may get your money back but when? This owner has already spent it? Even if you get it back directly from the website you reserved from what do you do about your vacation. The fact of the matter is vehicles break down even RV’s. When you are dealing with a professional RV Rental Agency you are dealing with someone who has the resources and the experience to take care of you. If your RV is not available due to a breakdown they can get you another. If you have a break down on the road they have resources to help you. If you are unhappy you actually have recourse.


A professional RV Rental Agency has the resources and years of experience to keep their RV’s well maintained and clean. They understand how to serve someone on their vacation. They get it when you fly your family halfway around the world you expect that you are going to get professional service,a clean RV and a working RV. That what they represent is what it is.


The customer can depend on the professional RV Rental Agency because they follow standards in the industry so that you can enjoy your vacation without worry. They have the proper commercial insurance both for rental and their business. They have the proper licenses so that they can legally do business in the area they are in and they actually pay taxes on the revenues generated which help to build that community (the one you are vacationing in). These are all important things for the RV Rental customer because without all this their would be nothing that says stability. There would be nothing that says strength of character. There would be nothing that says tested and true. When someone does something the correct way you know you can trust them. You realize that they are worth entrusting your family vacation with. You realize that even though this RV rental family vacation is not inexpensive it will be worth it. Let your professional RV Rental Agency help you have the best family RV road trip vacation ever.