Round Trip

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The Pilgrimage festival is a living saturation of the Tennessee spirit. Immerse yourself into nature, in this one of a kind amphitheater. The Pilgrimage Festival takes place on a 230-acre farm. The idea spawned only several years ago, but it’s taken off quick. The natural setting, the incredible vibes, and the contagious enrapturing experience that each performance creates will never be forgotten.

Pilgrimage Festival is for all ages. There’s a large supply of locally sourced beer, wine, and spirits, for those who are old enough to indulge. Families can let loose at the Lil’ Pilgrims Stage. Top children’s artists are brought in to perform for pilgrims of all ages. Don’t worry about screening what’s “child appropriate”. Pilgrimage Festival is devoted to creating an experience for the entire audience, regardless of age.

If you’re tired of the non-stop live performances (Hard to imagine, right?), go check-out the festival Bazaar. The Bazaar is a collection of local restaurants, boutiques, craftsman, antique dealers, and more. Lose yourself in the little shops that perfectly showcase the heart of Tennessee.

Lodging for the Pilgrimage Festival can be part of the experience. RV Rentals Nashville is located only 30 minutes away from Franklin, making it the perfect start to your journey. Fly into Nashville International Airport and then stop by the lot. A check-out attendant will welcome you and walk you through your specific rental. Don’t worry about being an RV or trailer expert. RV Rentals Nashville encourages everyone to give glamping a try! By the time you leave, RV Rentals Nashville will have made you an honorary RV expert. And if you have any questions along the way, we’re only a phone call away. Enjoy sleeping in nature, with all of the comforts of staying home. The Pilgrimage Festival will give you an out of this world experience paired with RV Rentals Nashville.

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