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Hundreds of artists make the pilgrimage to gather together in front of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, once a year. Setting up their tents at the crack of dawn, perfectly placing each art piece, sipping on their coffee as they wait for the commotion to begin. The Annual Centennial Crafts Fair held in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee is a can’t miss event. RV Rentals Nashville is your perfect companion to this one of a kind art mecca.

Fly into the Nashville International Airport and have a quick commute to RV Rentals Nashville. You will be greeted by your very own personal checkout attendant. They will walk you through your specific RV rental and make sure you are comfortable before sending you on your way. RV Rentals Nashville’s one of a kind customer service does everything in their power to guarantee you the best possible vacation.

The Craft’s fair features artists from all over. Well over 200 artists will pitch their tents to give you the opportunity to see their art. Sculptures, painters, jewelers, and more will be there to create awe.

This event is perfect for the family. Drive out to Centennial Park and walk over to the Parthenon. Admission is free, making it the ideal event for larger families. Save your money for art pieces or some of the delicious food. Several tents will be dedicated to different food stands. Giving your family a diverse meal of choice.

The community created by the annual Centennial Crafts Fair generates an appreciation and enthusiasm towards art. Artists will not only show off their amazing pieces, but perform demonstrations throughout the fair as well.              

The kids may not be too impressed with the “don’t touch the paintings and sculptures” rules, but they will be impressed by the Kids’ Tent. This tent is made for kids. It gives them a chance to participate in hands on activities. Putting their own artistic skills to the test.

The whole family will love rocking out to live performances throughout the day. Check out Music Corner for the lineup of live shows.

RV Rentals Nashville gives you the best opportunity to enjoy the Annual Centennial Crafts Fair. With plenty of space in your rv rental, there is no need to worry about transporting larger items. RV’s have outer compartments that will be perfect for longer, oddly shaped, pieces of art. Let us help make your trip to the Annual Centennial Crafts Fair one that you won’t soon forget.

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