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Music and education. That’s the goal of the Americana Music Festival Conference. This annual event takes place in Nashville, Tennessee each fall. Artists, music lovers, producers, and more gather from around to the world to be a small part of this momentous event. This six-day festival will delight you with musical performances from some of your favorite artists, while also taking the time to help you along the way to your music dreams.

Unlike many other festivals, the Americana Music Festival, is more than just a festival. During the night, there are mind blowing up close performances. During the day, the festival turns a bit more education. The Americana Music Festival is also a conference. Attend seminars and panels that give an inside look into recording, producing, promoting, and more. Whether you’re the next Faith Hill or the next big record producer, these sessions will give you the inside track to the industry.

When you’re attending this festival, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by its size. The festival stretches out over the city of Nashville, using different venues for panels, performances, and more. For the best experience, read through the line-up before you go. Make sure you know what you want to go to, and don’t over book. The Americana Music Festival isn’t about shoving as much as you can into the six-day period. It’s about quality, enjoying yourself, and really learning something along the way. So, no matter how excited you are to meet with successful producers and attend seminars from artists, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy yourself!

Attending the Americana Music Festival may require lodging, if you’re not from the area. RV Rentals Nashville is the perfect place for you. Fly into the Nashville International Airport and swing on by to pick up your reservation. Once on the lot, you will be welcomed by a check-out attendant. They will walk you through your individual rental, making sure you understand how to use it. RV Rentals Nashville does not require you to have any previous RV or trailer experience. Trying something new is fun, and by the way, so is glamping. RV Rentals Nashville will have you an honorary expert in no time! The Americana Music Festival is a fun way to make connections that could potentially push you into the next stage of your career. If you’re not a musician, aspiring producer, or in the music industry at all, it’s still a fun event to see behind the scenes and attend some great performances.

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