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Soar Adventure Tower is a great way to get out and climb around. Relieve the adventures of childhood as you climb, balance, and soar through the sky. Soar Adventure Tower is also great for the whole family. There are different levels of obstacles to fit your needs. So you don’t have to worry about anyone being left out! RV Rentals Nashville is a great companion to your adventures at Soar Adventure Tower and throughout the Nashville area.

For those that still need a bit of hands on help from Mom and Dad, the ground level is a great place to start! On the ground level obstacles, kids can still climb and have fun, but you don’t have to worry about them strapping up and going up. This level encourages parents to stay with their kids and enjoy the obstacles together. According to the official website, this level is great for kids aged 4-7.

Level 1 is about 15’ high. This is an easier obstacle that gives you your first glimpse into the real adventure. This is a great way to try out the heights and the fear factor of the obstacles for those that have never gone before. If you can handle level 1 pretty easily, you may be ready to try out level 2!

Level 2 is 30’ above the ground. This obstacle is a bit harder than level 1 and will stretch you. Level 2 will incorporate more obstacles than level 1 and will test you comfort while you hang high above the ground.

Level 3 is the ultimate challenge. Go up to the very top of the tower at 45’ high. Here you will be pushed to your limits as you go through the toughest obstacles that Soar Adventure Tower has to offer at the highest heights they can send you to. Some of the obstacles on this level are easier, but if you want to push yourself try out the 12 Adventure Fit elements.

RV Rentals Nashville is located in the Nashville area. This gives you the perfect opportunity to grab yourself an RV rental. RV Rentals Nashville give you the freedom to roam about the Nashville area and don’t confine you to one hotel room. Feel free to move about and really experience everything Nashville has to offer. Move with the ever living city and soar to new heights with RV Rentals Nashville and Soar Adventure Tower.

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