Round Trip

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Ever wanted to check out Nashville from a birds eye view? Soar Adventure Tower is the perfect place for you to explore! Climb to new heights and see for yourself how far you can go. Enjoy your time at Soar Adventure Tower with RV Rentals Nashville!

Soar Adventure Tower is an obstacle course in the air. Climb, soar, and swing through different courses to make it all the way to the top. You can check out our full break-down of each level here. Soar Adventure Tower also offers a Twilight Pass that will give you all the thrills of the tower, but from a different perspective. Soar Adventure Tower is a family friendly zone. Underneath the tower is a mini-golf course for those that don’t feel up to climbing. If you’re on vacation and want a break from the kids, check out their summer day camps!

Nashville has countless opportunities for fun. Soar gives you a chance to do some extravagant exploring, while getting to see Nashville. Only a privileged few have truly experienced Nashville like Soar can. Whether you’re going with the whole family or a group of friends, you’ll love your time at Soar!

RV Rentals Nashville will take you along for an adventure you will never forget. When booking your family vacation, turn it into a family adventure by booking with RV Rentals Nashville. Having a motorhome rental will give you the freedom to move about the city and explore. Never worry about leaving something behind and forget about the kids fighting for leg room. A motorhome rental solves all of those problems! Not to mention it gives you free reign to explore Soar Adventure Tower and so much more. When you’re looking over Nashville from the top of the tower, you’ll see more than just a few blocks of fun. Nashville is a city that you have to explore to get to know and RV Rentals Nashville gives you that freedom. Don’t anchor yourself down. Get the most out of your family adventure with Soar Adventure Tower and RV Rentals Nashville.

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