Round Trip

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Heading off to the Smoky Mountains for a family trip may seem like a large undertaking. Packing up your car with tents, cooking wear, sleeping bags and more will leave little room for the kids and almost guarantee a long squished drive. RV Rentals Nashville takes away the headaches and gives you more time to enjoy with your family.

Fly into Nashville and take a complimentary shuttle to RV Rentals Nashville. Don’t worry, you won’t need any previous experience. Your own personal check-out attendant will do a thorough hands-on walk through of your specific RV and how to use it before sending you on your way. You can even rent kits with blankets, pillows, sheets, and cooking supplies if you’re coming from out of town. RV Rentals Nashville has your trip to the Smoky Mountains covered.

The fun doesn’t have to wait until you arrive at the Smoky Mountains. Traveling with RV Rentals Nashville gives the kids room to breathe and creates a calmer environment than a cramped car. The kids can play a boardgame at the kitchen table while dreaming of seeing black bears roam amongst the trees of the national park.

Some say the Smoky Mountains are filled with magic. You may not be able to spy on fairies, but once a year from May to June, you can spy on a once in a lifetime magical event. Every spring, for about a week, a rare species of fireflies gathers to perform a mating ritual as old and beautiful as time itself. Their lights flash in synchronism as swarms fly through the night. Watch as the lightning bugs put on an unforgettable light show conducted by Mother Nature. Insider Tip: This event is a limited space and limited time only deal. In order to get your ticket, join to get your seat amongst the firefly shuttle. Tickets usually open in late April.

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