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A mountain holds more secrets than you may guess. Rock City, a territory at the top of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will entertain, educate, and delight you with it’s secrets. Rock City is the perfect spot for your next rv rental vacation with RV Rental Nashville.

Stop into Nashville, Tennessee before taking off for Chattanooga. This major city is the perfect hub for flights into the state and the home of RV Rental Nashville. Go through a thorough walk through of your RV with your personal check-out attendant. No previous RV experience is necessary. RV Rental Nashville will make sure you know everything you need to know before you drive off the lot. This full service vacation experience will have you on your way to Rock City in no time.

Climb up to Lover’s Leap, the famous view point is a legend within Tennessee natives. It’s said that long ago, a man and woman from warring Native American tribes fell in love. After the man was thrown from the top of Lover’s Leap by the opposing tribe, she flung herself over the edge with the water in order to rejoin her love. This sad tale adds to the beauty and significance of the view.

This mountain has more than one tie to history. During the Civil War a Union Soldier reported being able to see seven different states from Lover’s Leap. Coincidentally the same report was given by a Confederate nurse! Both reported being able to see different territories with Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and of course Tennessee. Climb the rock yourself to live the legend and see if you can catch a glimpse of all seven states.

But this mountain holds more than just fantastic views, it holds a bit of magic too. Fairyland Caverns was built inside a cave within the side of Chattanooga. Artist Jessie Sanders created figurine recreations of some of the most classic fairy tales. All of these are on display within the cave itself in Fairyland Caverns. As you delve deeper into this living fairytale, you will eventually come across Mother Goose’s Village. This continuation of the Fairytale Cavern plays upon classic tales such as Humpty Dumpty. Don’t leave the fairytale mindset of Rock City without mining for some gemstones at Prospect Point!

RV Rental Nashville will accompany you and your family on your adventure to Rock City. Climb through the mountains or explore the caves and rest easy knowing your rental rv is never far away.


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