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No matter who you are, there’s no getting around the fact that Muhammad Ali is one of the largest figures in modern time. His contributions to the sport of boxing made him a star. His personal story, character, beliefs, and actions made him a legend. The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky is the only place to truly experience Muhammad Ali and all that he stood for.

One of the coolest parts of the museum is the continuous inclusion of multimedia. There are videos, pictures, real life artifacts, an orientation theatre and more. Interact with Muhammad Ali like never before. Immerse yourself within his life teachings, his passion for boxing, and Muhammad Ali himself.

RV Rentals Nashville is a great accommodation to the Muhammad Ali Center! Start your trip to the boxing champion by flying into Nashville International Airport. Nashville is only two-and-a-half-hours away from Louisville, making it a fun quick road trip. This also gives you the chance to check out another staple of American history: Music City. Chill out and enjoy the scene. When you arrive in Nashville, come on over and pick up your rental. A check-out attendant will walk you through your unit, making sure you know how to use it and feel comfortable. We don’t require you to have any previous RV or trailer experience. Don’t worry, we’ll make you an honorary RV expert before sending you out on the town. Hit some of the major sites in town, like the Grand Ole Opry, before heading out to the world's mecca of Muhammad Ali.

On your way to Louisville, stop by Park City, Kentucky! This small town has a lot to offer. Go underground with the Diamond Caverns and see one of the world's most beautiful natural occurrences. Or stop by Dinosaur World and learn about dinosaurs! Walk amongst life size replicas of dinosaurs and see how you measure up.
The Muhammad Ali Center is the closest you can get to Muhammad Ali. He contributed and oversaw the museum himself, making sure that it reflected his true inner spirit. RV Rentals Nashville is your perfect companion to The Muhammad Ali Center.

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