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The Mississippi River is a famous landmark in America. It’s existence has been vital to colonies, tribes, and settlements of all kinds throughout history. Mud Island, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is the perfect hands on experience to learn about the Mississippi River like never before. RV Rental Nashville invites you to dip your toes into the mud of American History, figuratively of course.

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Mud Island is a bit deceiving. It’s not actually an island. It’s a peninsula located close to downtown Memphis Tennessee. Take the Monorail from downtown and glide over the water to Mud Island. Once you’ve arrived there are several different things to do. Check out the Museum or head straight on over the River Park.

The Mud Island Museum is a great chance to learn about the history of the Mississippi River. See artifacts preserved from settlements around the area. See old military artifacts, Native American relics, and pottery that dates back to 10,000 years ago. The museum also features a segment on the importance of the Mississippi River during the Civil War. Check out canons, uniforms, medical supplies, and other artifacts before heading off to the River Room. The River Room focuses on the science behind the river. The room itself features a river boat steam engine. It also has a paddle wheel on display.

Perhaps the biggest draw to Mud Island is the River Walk. This miniature version of the Mississippi river is an exact replica. It starts in the Ohio River in Cairo, Illinois and then flows down all the way through to the Gulf of Mexico. The River Walk at Mud Island follows this exact path in a carved-out river along the concrete walkway. The kids can splash their feet in the “Mississippi river” as you explore down the path. This long journey lets out into the “Gulf of Mexico”, a large pool of water at the end of the exhibit. Once you reach the end you can rent a swan pedal boat to go around the “gulf”. This will give you a one of a kind look at the Memphis Skyline and a chance to relax after your long hard journey through the Mississippi river.

RV Rental Nashville invites you to strike down the path of the Mississippi river at Mud Island, Memphis Tennessee.


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