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Fall Creek Falls State Park is famous for their hikes. These majestic trails will lead you deep within the forests of Tennessee. The park itself has 56 miles of trails, but it can be hard to weed out the must-does and the things to skip over. RV Rental Nashville has completed a list of can’t miss hiking locations for you to choose your families perfect adventure.

Pick up your rental with RV Rental Nashville before setting out. Your very own personal check-out attendant will make sure you know everything you need to know before heading out for the hike of a lifetime.

Fall Creek Falls is the namesake of the park. This powerful waterfall is the tallest free-fall waterfall east of the Mississippi. It sits at 256-feet tall and crashes down into a large plunge pool. This fantastic waterfall isn’t too far from the parking lot of Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Coon Creek Falls is a smaller waterfall, but it’s located feet away from Fall Creek Falls. Creating the perfect opportunity to see two waterfalls at once. Depending on the time of year and the precipitation, Coon Creek Falls may or may not be visible, but both falls can be visited by taking the Base of Falls Creek Falls trail.

Cane Creek Falls may not be the tallest waterfall in the park, but it is the most voluminous. This waterfall has helped to shape the terrain of the land and allowed for other waterfalls to form. It can be seen from several different points, but heading on over the Cane Creek Overlook gives you a view of both Cane Creek Falls and Rock House Falls.

Cane Creek not only holds a waterfall, but a cascade as well. The Cane Creek Cascades is not as deep into the forest as the falls, make it an easier visit point. It may be the perfect hike for littles. Insider Tip: There is a suspension bridge above the cascades. This can be a fun experience for some, but may cause a scare for some pint-sized adventurers. Make sure to decide what’s best for your trail before going hiking!

Rockhouse falls is a smaller waterfall next to the side of Cane Creek Falls. It’s not a big thrill, but it’s cool and a quick glance over from Cane Creek Falls. It can be seen from both the Cane Creek Overlook and the Cane Creek Gorge Overlook.

Piney Creek Falls is a 95-foot drop. It’s more voluminous than Rockhouse, but it’s allure comes from it’s secrecy. Piney Creek Falls can be a bit hard to spot. It’s not easy to get a full look at the waterfall from the trails, but getting down into the gorge of the fall could be dangerous. RV Rental Nashville suggests stopping by the Piney Falls overlook to get the safest view of the waterfall.

Millikan’s Overlook isn’t a waterfall, but don’t overlook it just for that small detail. This viewpoint gives you an unobstructed view of the forests. In the fall, watch the tree’s turn into patches of orange, yellow, brown and green. It’s a great place to clear your mind and meditate. If you’re a bit adventurous, go ahead and go a bit further. Millikan’s Overlook is home to Buzzard Roost. This perch gives you the perfect bird’s eye view. Planted out on a stony ledge leaning over the wilderness, you will truly feel like a bird in flight.

Fall Creek Falls State Park is filled to the brim with hiking, waterfalls, and viewpoints. These adventures are the ideal trip for your rental with RV Rental Nashville. Pick and choose from these can’t miss attractions to create your perfect hiking adventure in Fall Creek Falls State Park.


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