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The Diamond caves is one of the most beautiful attractions in America. This naturally occurring phenomenon is a perfectly preserved reminder of what used to be. The caves, which are now an international attraction, were once inhabited by a warm sea! The waters created what we now see today. Limestones deposits drape down the ceilings, creating unique designs. There are tours year-round. They’re about an hour and you’ll get to see and learn about the caves themselves. You and your family will love the chance to explore the unknown, rent with RV Rentals Nashville, and maybe find an adventure while you’re down there!

Outside the caves, on the ground level, you can buy a bag of dirt for $10. Now, this may seem a bit absurd, but it’s what’s in the dirt that makes it special. The dirt is filled with treasure including fossils, gemstones, beautiful rocks and more! Once you buy the bag, you can search through the dirt to find your treasure by sluicing it. Sluicing is the process of washing dirt away from treasure through a strainer and water. It’s a hands-on experience for the kids to learn more about geology and history. All while having a great time and taking home a bit of treasure too!

The Diamond Caverns is a great chance to rent with RV Rentals Nashville! Fly into the Nashville International Airport, making it an easy commute from anywhere. Once you arrive in town, come pick up your rental! A check-out attendant will guide you through your specific unit. So don’t worry about having previous RV or rental experience. We’ve got you covered. Once you feel comfortable, we’ll have you out on the road. We at RV Rentals Nashville strongly suggest you check-out Music City before taking off to Diamond Caverns. Spend a day going to the local bars and listening to music. Or go check-out the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.

One of the great things about The Diamond Caverns is that it’s centrally located. It’s almost an equal distance to Louisville, Kentucky as it is to Nashville, Tennessee. This gives you endless opportunities to get out and have some fun! You’ll fly into Nashville and explore Music City. Then head out to the Diamond Caverns. Once you’ve dug up all the gems you can find, head out to Louisville! Louisville is a great city to explore, even if it’s just for a day.

The Diamond Caverns is a great place to spend some quality time with the family and get the kids excited about it too. RV Rentals Nashville gives you the opportunity to take this family vacation from fun to unforgettable!

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