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Music City is known for its 24-hour entertainment. There is always something lively going on in town. Check out bar shows, live street performances, or major music award shows. It may seem like this bustling city is all sequins and boots, but it’s so much more. Step outside of the limelight and into the grassy fields of Centennial Park. 132-acres of trees, flowers, grass, and lakes make you question whether you’re really in Nashville, Tennessee. RV Rentals Nashville,

Flying into Nashville is the perfect opportunity to explore the city. Pick up your rental from RV Rentals Nashville, where your real adventures always begin. Your personal check-out attendant will walk you through how to use an RV and get you driving in no time. No need to read your RV manual, if you don’t want to. Our checkout process is designed to give you a thorough introduction to your exact rental, making you an honorary RV expert.

The park itself is 132-acres and has a lot of parking. Don’t worry about finding a spot for your rental. Simply park and enjoy this piece of nature.

Centennial Park is chock full of American history. The land itself once held a farm. Which isn’t unusual for older settlements in the south, but what is unusual is the owner. Centennial Park’s land was owned and kept by Anne Robertson Johnson Cockrill, a woman. Cockrill was the first for many things in Tennessee. She was the first woman in Tennessee to be allocated a land grant. Which she earned by leading a pack of women, while she was injured, in a counter-attack to defend the early settlement of Nashville. She was also the first school teacher in the state. Since then the land has served many purposes including being a race track, state fairgrounds, and the location of the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition held in 1897. Cockrill’s feisty feminine persona can still be felt watching over the park today.

There’s a lot to do in this park. Visit the Parthenon, a museum on park grounds. Or have a picnic by Centennial’s Lake Watauga. Don’t forget that fishing is allowed in the lake, so make sure to pack your poles into one of the several outer compartments in your RV Rentals Nashville motorhome rental.  

Insider Tip: RV Rentals Nashville loves to encourage families to put their phones away and spend quality time with one another out in nature, but this park is an exception. Centennial Park features random QR codes hidden by trees in order to educate the public. Scanning these QR codes will lead you to a video created by and featuring some of your favorite artists. Country Music royalty like Reba McEntire have banded together to make a difference in the If Trees Could Sing exhibit featured throughout Centennial Park. Don’t forget your smartphone in your rental RV for this trip.


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