Round Trip

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The Big South Fork has a couple of different opportunities for White Water Paddling. Just know that it’s best to do your research before heading out into the water. If you’re new to white water paddling, there are several places for you to try out! Be sure to know what time of year you’re going and what the rainfall has been like. Several rivers will only have enough water to raft on if there’s been a good amount of rain. Checking levels before you go out on the water is essential for a safe trip. All of the information on when and where it is safe to raft is posted on the National Park website. This is a great tool for rafters of all levels to stay safe.

For those of you that have experience rafting, there are more challenging rivers as well. These rivers are only meant for those that have experience and the proper equipment, as they can easily turn into a dangerous situation for unskilled rafters. If you’re unsure of where you should start, we suggest trying out one of the lower level rivers to feel out the area and what the rivers are like during the time of your trip.

Bringing a camper van rental with you to the Big South Fork is a easy way to carry all of your white water paddling gear. Don’t worry about running out of space. Depending on the model you choose, you can fit the whole family and all of your gear. A camper van rental will also give you the freedom to explore the Big South Fork. It’s a pretty big area and having a camper van rental to get you around will make your trip a lot more relaxed. You won’t regret your white water paddling trip to the Big South Fork with your camper van rental!

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