Round Trip

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One of the best parts of traveling is seeing things from a different point of view. You can do just that while rock climbing at the Big South Fork! See the skies, forests, and mountains from a birds eye view. Take your caravan rental out for an adventure of a lifetime!

Rock climbing in the Big South Fork is a quest for adventure. There are some marked paths, but most of the fun in the Big South Fork is finding your own path. Make sure to look out for areas that are too soft to sustain rock climbing. If you’re newer to rock climbing, we suggest you try out some of the old and true routes first.

The Blue Heron Mining Community is home to several different rock climbing paths. This is a great place to start exploring! Drive your caravan rental on over to the overlook and take off from there. This makes it a lot easier to transport all of your rock climbing gear.

When you’re rock climbing make sure that you are putting safety first. These paths are recreational, but are not manned with assistance. Knowing where you’re going, planning out your routes, and bringing the proper gear all adds up to a safe fun trip!

Climbing in the Big South Fork isn’t as developed as other national parks. Meaning that you are setting out on your own path when you go rock climbing here. That in itself is enough to attract the adventurous soul in many rock climbers. It’s a challenge, but the views are worth it!

Bringing a caravan rental will make your trip go smoothly. Have plenty of room to pack your climbing gear and the whole crew! It also guarantees you have a nice place to sleep. Although the Blue Heron Mining Community is a great place to start climbing, the Big South Fork has a lot of land to explore. You caravan rental will give you the opportunity to explore everything that the Big South Fork has to offer.

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