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The Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee is a great way to learn and have fun. Explore science, while also exploring Nashville! While you’re at the Adventure Science Center make sure you don’t miss out on some Earth science with the Beekeeping exhibit and the Galactic Gardens. RV Rentals Nashville is perfect to take you to the Adventure Science Center and far beyond!

The Beekeeping exhibit is actually kept inside. You’ll travel up to the third floor and be greeted by an enclosed glass wall beehive. You can watch in fascination as hundreds of bees fly around and cultivate their home. You can even keep an eye out for the queen bee!

To continue on with your fun at the Adventure Science Center, travel outdoors to the Galactic Gardens. Here you can visit Nashville’s own Rain Garden. This garden is specially designed to help diminish flooding in the area.        

Another piece of the Galactic Gardens is the Phases of the Moon Engraving. This sculpture gives a visual representation to the relationship between the Moon and the Sun. The Galactic Gardens is also the perfect spot to sit and eat some lunch!  

When you’re looking for a place to stay in Nashville, look no further than RV Rentals Nashville! RV Rentals Nashville is the perfect families on the go. We are conveniently located from the Nashville International Airport. When you arrive on the lot, you’ll be welcomed in by a check-out attendant. They will walk you through your specific rental and ensure that you are comfortable before sending you off on your adventure. The Adventure Science Center is a great place to have a lot of fun, but can be a bit overwhelming for smaller children. Take your vacation at your own pace with your RV rental or trailer. Having your rental close by ensures that you can take a break whenever you need. RV Rentals Nashville is ideal for venturing out to through Nashville and the Adventure Science Center.

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